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¯ Green Cheek Conures
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  (P.p. perlata) 

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(A. solstitialis)

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Member of the following avicultural, animal-welfare-related, and civil liberties/defense organizations:
Avicultural Society of America (ASA), American Federation of Aviculture (AFA), Pyrrhura Breeders Association (PBA), National Avian Welfare Alliance (NAWA), National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA), Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC), Oklahoma Animal Interest Alliance (OAIA), Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (RPOA), Animal Agriculture Alliance (AAA), Oklahoma Farm Bureau (OFB). National Rifle Association (NRA), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and The Cavalry Group (TCG)

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For the sake of true animal welfare and consumer choice

The USDA APHIS has passed a Final Rule amending regulations of the Animal Welfare Act to expand their regulatory authority over home pet breeders—in practicality, an anti-pet-breeding Rule, undoubtedly passed through the influence and pressure by the animal rights organizations (in particular, the H$U$, which is known to have infiltrated USDA/APHIS). The Rule applies *commercial pet breeding facility requirements* (e.g., washable floors, no furniture, no living in the home) to even small pet breeders who have been determined by APHIS to require USDA licensing! The USDA APHIS has put a section in their Inspectors Guide allowing keeping breeding animals in the home, and amended their Final Rule FAQs to say this, BUT the Rule itself does NOT say that — so which will they enforce?  
Here's a commentary on the so-called FAQs issued by USDA.
What home pet breeder is willing to be the "test case"?
Will H$U$, et al, sue to force APHIS to go by the LAW rather than their more "lenient" FAQs? You bet!

Even after *hundreds of well-written letters by animal breeding experts* were sent during the comment period last year
pointing out negatives and unintended consequences of this Rule as written,
the USDA APHIS made a couple of small concessions and implemented it anyway (which means it was already a "done deal").

This Rule is NOT about animal welfare, despite the flimsy justifications used. The anti-breeding organizations (H$U$, ALDF, A$PCA, et al) are *using* a federal agency's heavy handedness to persecute home pet breeders.
Anti-breeding organizations are already filing hundreds of complaints with APHIS in anticipation of harassing pet breeders who must then PROVE they don't need to be licensed. The Rule applies at this time to dogs, cats, rabbits, and exotic and small mammal pet breeders, and will especially NEGATIVELY IMPACT long-distance buyers who want pets from small home breeders but who cannot meet the seller and animal "face-to-face".

***Automatic assumption: The buyer is considered incompetent and the breeder/seller dishonest.***
Videos, webcams, and pictures are NOT acceptable substitutes under this Rule, nor is a disclaimer signed by the distant buyer that they do not need to see the animal "face-to-face" in order to purchase
(even if they have been to the seller's home in the past or wish to rely on good references).

The 2014 Farm Bill recommended that the USDA make some changes to this Rule, including defining what constitutes a "breedable female" AND amending to only include females that are actually used for breeding,
but so far the USDA/APHIS is disregarding that recommendation and saying it's business as usual.

There is currently a lawsuit filed on behalf of 19,000 home pet breeders (only about 5% of estimated total pet breeders) to force recission and reconsideration of this anti-pet-breeding Final Rule.
Attorneys for the H$U$ have been successful in being allowed by the courts to "intervene" on behalf of the USDA/APHIS (by convincing the court that H$U$ programs would be damaged if the Rule were rescinded and remanded for re-write),
but that does not guarantee that the H$U$ will win in its war against home pet breeders.
Look at what happened in the Feld lawsuit ($15.75M settlement against H$U$).

However, if the lawsuit is unsuccessful and this Rule stands as written, what this means is that many long-time, experienced, excellent home pet breeders will no longer sell pets long-distance, rather than spend thousands converting their breeding setup to USDA "commercial standards" outside their homes (eliminating the sources for many home-raised pets).

How insane is it that small home pet breeders would be considered "commercial breeders" if they have more than 4 "breedable" females (combination of ALL intact females of ALL species covered under this Rule, e.g., 1 dog, 2 hamsters, 2 rabbits, whether breeding them or not) and must be federally licensed and inspected if they sell even ONE offspring as a pet without a face-to-face meeting
(e.g., shipping to another state)?

***If this Rule stands: When AWA "bird standards" are implemented (time currently unknown),
birds will undoubtedly be included under this Rule, and it is likely that I will NOT be able to ship PET birds any longer,
as I do raise my birds in my home and will continue to do so.***

If you care about the ability to buy YOUR choice of pet from YOUR choice of pet breeder, please contact your federal lawmakers and ask them to force APHIS to rescind this anti-breeding Rule.

    "Animal Rights" is a sociopathic belief system of no-animal-use which would destroy the human/animal bond.
 "Animal Welfare" is a societally compatible belief system which encourages humane treatment of animals and a positive human/animal bond.

     H$U$ and PeTA are led by "animal rights" *true believers*, and therefore are "animal rights"  in their direction to destroy the human/animal bond
            as much as society will allow.

     Friends don't let friends donate to H$U$ or PeTA (and now the A$PCA, an H$U$ wanna be)!
           To H$U$ and PeTA, loss of animal lives and people's livelihoods are considered acceptable "collateral damage" in moving towards
            the "Animal Rights" goals.

     **H$U$ is targeting breeders and animal agriculture with onerous legislation in ALL states and at the federal level, infiltrating AR sympathizers into
            federal agencies (e.g., USDA/APHIS, which just implemented the effectively anti-pet-breeding Final Rule), through lobbying and legislator "donations",
            and by using Hitler's favorite strategy, the BIG LIE, as well as similar tactics from Alinski's "Rules for Radicals''!**

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