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Animal Rights = Animal Ownership Extinction
Animal Rights (AR) is an elitist sociopathic movement promoting and encouraging man's inhumanity to man, USING animals to PUNISH humans, while working towards a *petless/meatless* society! [often referred to as “Humaniacs”]

Civilization is cyclical in movements and attitudes, but too often mankind doesn’t seem to learn from the past. There are always aspiring fanatics and liars in the population, and they may gain a following for a decade or two, but then they are exposed, and they slink away under their rocks. Unfortunately, they do a lot of damage while they are in their heyday, largely because for a time **SOCIETY ENABLES THEM**.

Commentary on Animal Rights/Prohibition Fanatics and Opportunists

I wholeheartedly support legitimate rescues and re-homing individuals and groups. I also know who the charlatans are! Like most aviculturists, I help in re-homing birds when possible. The philosophy and actions of the "animal rights" fanatics illustrate man's inhumanity to man, rather than professed caring about animals. By attempting to damage the human/animal bond by disconnecting the symbiosis that has existed in all cultures from before recorded history, these AR "true believers" harm both humans and animals.

I am very cognizant of (and actively oppose) the ongoing legislative encroachments of supporters of the “animal rights" aka "animal prohibition" philosophy (e.g., H$U$, PeTA, A$PCA, AWC, ALDF, et al) whose leaders embrace sociopathic ideologies, use "propaganda mill" BIG LIE strategy and "Moving the Middle" tactics, to ruthlessly trample on *human rights* to promote their agenda.  Jon Katz so aptly comparing, these sociopathic AR-led organizations with the "shadowmakers" [See Plato's The Allegory of the Cave] to the unaware public.

I educate about coat-tail opportunists who use the AR industry propaganda to hoard or 'warehouse' birds, assist with wrongful seizures, and exploit the animals under the guise of animal welfare, and which in reality gives true "rescue" a negative image. [See this horror story where animal owner was victimized by a Florida SPCA, but fought and got her animals back–-though some didn’t survive and others were damaged because of BAD CARE by the SPCA.]

I also work to expose bad-acting organizations, including those that seize (steal) animals (privately *owned* property) under color of law, including using broad enabling ordinances (that give unconstitutional power to such thieves) under the guise of "animal welfare"; garnering donations from an animal-loving, gullible public; and then adopting out (RE-SELLING for a profit) the seized animals, most of which miraculously become adoptable ($alable) almost immediately, despite claims of "horrific conditions". Breeders are intimidated and threatened with high fines and jail time unless they *voluntarily* relinquish ownership of most or all of their animals. Because few *ordinary citizens* can afford to spend many thousands defending themselves in court, most capitulate. Bonds for multiple animals seized are set so high ($50,000 to $250,000) that few individuals are able to even appeal the *kangaroo court* distribution of their animals (stolen private property) and subsequent "care" assessment (for which the agency with custody of the animals usually sets its own outrageous care amount, far exceeding any boarding or vet facility). In some states (e.g., Texas) local "traffic courts" are *shopped* by seizing agencies for JPs (that don't have to be attorneys) who will find in their favor and set outrageously high bonds for the victimized owner to have to come up with in order to appeal to a *real court* for DUE PROCESS. Isn't that terrorism and racketeering at work?