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Animal Rights = Extinguishing Animal Ownership
including eliminating ALL animal use in our society
(Anti-Human AND Anti-Animals-in-Society)

Animal Welfare = Encouraging the *best* Human/Animal Bond
including good animal husbandry (Pro-Human AND Pro-Animal)

Editorial: The Animal Rights Agenda: 25 Years Later
The Secret World Inside the Animal Rights Agenda
[History/evolution/societal danger of the AR movement's mega-corporations]

***Quotes from the Animal Rights movement's leaders***

***Beware Animal Radicals***

If you wonder what the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) true intentions are, this quote by group president Alan Hershaft pretty much sums it up. “What I believe, what I know to be true, is that animals are people, and people are animals. What I want, what I intend to bring to fruition, is total animal liberation,” [Hershaft told attendees of the 2002 Animal Rights Conference, an annual activist meeting hosted by FARM.]
**Obviously, that’s an ideology with which 99% of the people don't agree.
So why is anyone giving this group (which "sets up" farm animal abuse videos) any credibility whatsoever?**

***Excellent book*** The Death of a Culture: Understanding the War: Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare
by David Fritsche, PhD, 2010 [NOTE: See esp. Chapter 12, "A Look at H$U$ - The Humane Society of the United States"]

Quote from p. 129 of "The Death of a Culture": “There is really no corollary in the philosophies of animals rights and animal welfare. Animal Welfare has to do with humane treatment of animals in their role with humanity. Animal Rights conversely has to do with the elevating of the status of all animals and their liberation from any relationship to humanity. They are not philosophies that exist side by side with different degrees of intensity; they are opposites - total opposites."

A Rat is not a Pig is not a Dog is not a Boy [Interview with the Wesley J. Smith about his book]
ALDF Model Animal Protection Laws [Attempts to elevate animal legal rights on par with or above human rights]
Profiting from Pain - Conflict Fundraising [Marcella Covault]
Dealing with "Humaniacs"
The Illogic of Animal Rights  AND   Fifty Things Animals Can't Do [J. Neil Shulman's classic articles on "animal rights"]