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Disparage – Regulate – Prohibit – Monopolize
[Animal Mobsters Collaborate to Eradicate Purebreds and Take Over the Pet Marketplace]
Speaking of Animals [Clarifying animal rights vs. animal welfare]
Animal Policy Review [National Animal Interest Alliance, Summer 2013]
Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare [audio]
Making safe, affordable and abundant food a global reality [Three Rights: Counter to the animal rights movement]
Where Have All the Pet Stores Gone? [Exceptional article discussing the AR movement's goal to eliminate pet
sources--pet stores being just one of the targets]
Protecting Your Animals in the Face of "Moral Panic" [Taking a Page from the Biker’s Handbook]
Rescue Raids: Confiscation Racket [seizure and theft of animals by the "rescue business" racketeers]
War on Humans [Excellent documentary that captures the essence of the AR and other anti-societal movements]
Due Process when Everything Is a Crime [White paper on due process gap which allows prosecutors use their own discretion
to criminalize anyone]
Care and Feeding of Trolls [Article on identifying the "underminers" in our communities]
When "Pet Police" Knock [Good advice on understanding your rights from RPOA]
Federal Government Targets the Breeders [Implemented 11/18/13 - USDA/APHIS rule limits pet buying choices and
persecutes home pet breeders; court challenge by thousands of pet breeders denied by biased judge]
Inequitable Justice [How Federal "Equitable Sharing" Encourages Local Police and Prosecutors to Evade State Civil Forfeiture Law for Financial Gain]
Regulatory Information Animal People Should Know
Sneaking the "Big Lie" through the Back Door: Special Interest Groups are Hijacking Local Legislation
2004 Animal Law Institute Conference Notes
[M. Covault: discussing the *incremental strategy* of animal rights "true believers"]
Defense Against Illegal Animal Seizures
Now Only 2% of Dogs Die in Shelters
[Excellent analyses which also debunks the "pet overpopulation" myth]
An Army of Animal Rights Attorneys?
Gary Francione Unclothed [Animal Rights Founder Demonstrates Arrogance and Rigidity]
Animal Rights - Fundraising Wrongs - Part I  AND Animal Rights - Fundraising Wrongs - Part II
ANIMAL WELFARE: What We See, What We Don't See
[2006 Monograph by Jim Beers, alarmingly accurate almost a decade later]
Mission Creep: Dog Rescues & Animal Shelters Risk Public Health & Safety [NAIA article examining how rescues and shelters sometimes disregard public health & safety to achieve desired "adoption numbers"]
Appeasing Animal Rights Activists Won't Save Pets or Taxpayer Dollars [NAIA study with graphs showing facts vs. emotion-evoking propaganda from the AR activists]

Animal Rights 3, cont.