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Avian Articles

Better than Dogs or Cats? [P.K.Anderson, PhD]
[Anthropological Perspective on the Human-Avian Bond]
...But My Bird Prefers Women! [Susie Christian]
[excellent observations & advice about welcoming your new bird)
I Found a Baby Bird [S. K. Jacobs]
[what to do if you find a wild baby bird]

2010 Kaytee Parrot Relinquishment Study Results
(1) Full study results     (2) Results by species tables

Aviary Construction & Management
[R. Cristo]
Easing the Transitions in the Life of Captive Birds [IAABC]
Why Own a Parrot?
[M. Covault]
So You Want a Pet Parrot? [M. Covault]
FCA Care Guide for Your Feathered Companion [M. Covault]
FCA—How Do I Raise My Birds? (rev2020) [M. Covault]
    Expanded version (2006):
Part I - FCA Parrotkeeping Intro
    Part II - FCA Parrotkeeping Breeding
    Part III - FCA Parrotkeeping Raising Youngsters
    Part IV - FCA Parrotkeeping Selling
    Part V - FCA Parrotkeeping Legislation & References

Handfeeding 101 [by Sandee Molenda]
The Art of Handfeeding [The Parrot University]
The Truth about Handfeeding a Baby Parrot  [J. Leach] Companion Bird Treat Bread [M. Covault]
Jamie's Birdie Bread Recipe, Very Veggie[J.Whittaker]
Illustrated Seed Sprouting 2021 [M. Covault]
Rice-Bean Cook Mix [M. Covault]
Indoor Microgreens [for you and your birds] [K.C. Frederick]
Birds Live Here!
The Truth About Parrot Breeding
[H.E. Ott]
Bird Breeder Finds Satisfaction in Her Calling [D. Wray]
The Human-Avian Bond [P. Anderson, IAABC Journal]

FOR FUN!  Bill and Coo - Tour of Chirpendale
Bill and Coo - The Movie

Breeding Parrots for Human Companionship (1999) [J.Murphy)
Bird Toy Information [M. Covault]
Outdoor Aviary Enclosure Project  [
M. Covault]
Critique of Anti-Breeding Propaganda
[M. Covault]

National Avian Welfare Alliance (NAWA) Articles
1. Avian Flu and Captive Birds
2. Bird Flu is for the Birds
3. Bird Flu Prevention and Protection through Biosecurity

Species Specific

The Red Factor Sun Conure Color Mutation [M. Covault]
General Conure FAQs [M. Covault]
Co-Parenting with Companion Sun Conures [M. Covault]
Breeding Sun Conures, Part I [T. Silva)
Breeding Sun Conures, Part II [T. Silva)
Pyrrhura Conure FAQs [M. Covault]
Is It a Cinnamon or a Pineapple? [M. Covault]
Green Cheek Conure Color Genetics Table [M. Covault]
GC Genetics (w/pics) [S. Garvin]
GC Genetics - rare colors (w/pics) [Covault, Duncan, Garvin]
Flocking Pyrrhura Conures in the Home [M. Covault]
Crimson Bellied Conures as Pets [M. Covault]
Crimson Bellied Conures in the Family Room [M. Covault]
Raising Crimson Bellied Conures [M. Covault]
Spooky Eyes or Tuffy? [M. Covault]
Lima Bean, the Pied Parrotlet [M. Covault]
The Pied Parrotlet [pictorial] [M. Covault]
Parrotlet Blog Spot  [Sandee Molenda]
Land of the Littles: Parrotlets
Parrotlet Females: Myth or Reality?
[M. Covault]
Conure Sleepboxes—What, Why and When? [M. Covault]
Those Charming Roseifrons Painted Conures [M. Covault]
Inside the Nestbox of the Golden Conure [Nancy Speed]
Handfeeding Fiery-Shouldered Conures [D. Johnson]
Progressive Wing Clipping
[Indian Ringnecks] [M. Covault]