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“Animal rights” groups and animal control actions against U.S. citizens

****Animal rights is sociopathy masquerading as philosophy.****

Infographic: Facts about PeTA
PETA: Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear
[Brent Morrison]
Animal Rights No Substitute for Human Responsibility [Brent Morrison]
Preserve Your Right to Own a Pet
Animal Hoarding: Fabricating and Criminalizing Mental Illness
Commentary on HSPCA vs. Gracia case [Trial by Ambush] [PJ Boosinger]
Crimes of Zealots and Terrorists
The Impact of Animal Rights, Rescues, and Shelters on Animal Law
A Critique of Anti-Breeding Propaganda
[Marcella Covault]
Hoarding Is Just More Animal Rights Crap (HARC)
Animal Supremacists Pick Low Hanging Fruit, Harm Our Nation
The Cruelest Trick Ever Played on a Breed of Dog
[thanks to "Humaniacs"
like Ingrid Newkirk of PeTA]
Spay, Neuter, and Cancer (Revisited)
Man driven to suicide because of RSPCA actions?
[Is this what we want happening to people in the U.S.
when they are treated *inhumanely* by the AR-backed zealots?]
Reprogramming Predators [How crazy are the AR "true believers"? Check it out!]
Animal-Related Philosophies Continuum (NAIA)
Animal Rights is Wrong
Rhetorical Analysis of the AR (PeTA) Argument
RSPCA Called to Account

[A glimpse of the U.K. and the direction we are moving in the U.S., regarding animal law and injustices]
USDA: Who is Sarah Conant? [H$U$ infiltration of USDA APHIS, going after animal enterprises]
Animal Rights Terrorism [from Department of Homeland Security internal document]
When Vultures Rule Part 1 and Part 5
[Parts 1 & 5 of 13-part series on theft of animals under color of law which has now disappeared from internet]
Eleven Wonders of the Human-Animal Bond
It Could Happen to You  
[Animal owner abuse]

1990's Report to Congress on "Animal Rights" Movement, 1992 Animal Enterprise Protection Act,
and terrorist organizations to watch