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Equines! My other loves

Two decades ago, I stopped raising horses, but I never lost my love  for them—sight, sound, smell, and feel. Now that I have retired, I have rekindled that love of horses, both large and small. I enjoy them through my daughter and granddaughter’s equines and equine-related activities.

The Seven Stages of Aging on Horseback [so true!]
Colt Starting for the Elderly [instructive and amusing]
Wonderful site with lots of articles and videos [with emphasis on gaited horses]
Good Intentions and Cruelty to Horses
[EXCELLENT article about “spoiling” horses & the consequences of doing so]

Endurance Riding             

My daughter lives a few minutes away. She has lots of acreage, and she specialized in well bred, excellent temperament, athletic Egyptian Arabians and Arabian crosses with bloodlines she  acquired and bred under the farm name Stardust Arabians. She and my granddaughter conditioned and competed in riding endurance in AERC-sponsored rides. They have retired from riding now.